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What platforms is Jurassic World Aftermath available on?

Jurassic World Aftermath is available on Oculus Quest.

How much is Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 1 and Part 2?

Part 1 is $24.99 and Part 2 will be priced at $14.99

When will Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 be available?

Part 2 will release on September 30th 2021 to the Oculus Quest.

Can I buy Part 1 and 2 together as a bundle?

As Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is considered as an in-app DLC purchase it is not possible to purchase as a bundle.

Can I buy Part 2 separately from Part 1?

Part 2 will be purchasable separately as DLC from the Oculus store from September 30th.

Do I have to own Part 1 to buy Part 2?

Jurassic World Aftermath: Part 2 is an in-app purchase on the Oculus store classed as DLC and not a stand alone game. Therefore you will need to own Part 1 in order to be able to purchase Part 2.

Do I have to play through Part 1 to be able to play Part 2?

We advise that you play to the end of part 1 before continuing the story. However, you can start part two at any time. Select the save slot you would like to start part 2 with, then select New Game, and “Start Part 2”.

Will we be able to play Part 2 with a save file that has finished Part 1?

Yes, select your save file from the end of part 1 and then select continue.

Is Part 2 the final part of Jurassic World Aftermath?

Yes, the story concludes in Part 2.

Where does Jurassic World Aftermath fit into the wider Jurassic World universe timeline?

Jurassic World Aftermath takes place 2 years after the Indominus Rex escape from Jurassic World, and before the eruption of Mount Sibo and the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.